Genealogy in Karlskoga, Örebro, Sweden

Genealogy in Karlskoga, Örebro, Sweden


Ancestors of Kristina Matilda Björndahl

Karlskoga-Degerfors in the 1600s

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Kristina Matilda Björndahl, my grandmother, was born in Karlskoga, Örebro, Sweden, where her family has lived for generations. Her ancestors include many of the earliest known residents of Karlskoga.

I have been researching her ancestors for more than thirty years, and have searched the early court and tax records in the 1600s (domböcker och mantalslängder) as well as the parish registers. When searching the early records, I decided to record the information about all the people in Karlskoga and use the computer to sort them by place.

Therefore, this website has two main parts: the ancestors of Kristina Matilda Björndahl, and families in Karlskoga in the 1600s arranged by place.  It also includes some information about my current research and some links to websites that have been helpful for me. In the future I plan to include information about the ancestors of my grandfather, Carl Gustaf Hedberg, who came from the Falun, Dalarna area.

Many people have helped me in my research and I want to thank them for their assistance. Especially I want to thank my Swedish relatives, whose kindness and hospitality has made my every visit to Sweden a delight.

Kathleen Hedberg, Burley, Idaho
November 2002









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