This is not a comprehensive list of Swedish genealogy links, but only of links that I have found most helpful. All links are to pages in English unless noted.

General Swedish Genealogy Sites
List of Swedish genealogy links.
A variety of genealogical databases, 'how-to' information and microfilm resources with much about Sweden.
The English website of The Swedish Federation of Genealogical Societies, with much valuable information for people wanting to find their Swedish roots.
An introduction to Swedish genealogy with much valuable information for English-speakers wanting to find their Swedish roots.
The English website DISBYT, a computer-linked database of Swedish genealogy and researchers with more than 5 million records of Swedes who lived before 1911.  Can view the site as a guest or pay $16 for a year's subscription.
Helpful information for Americans doing Swedish research.  Includes a  Swedish-English genealogy word list, an explanation about naming customs, Swedish records, etc.
List of Swedish given names with their origins and variations.  In Swedish, but can be understood by non-Swedish speakers.  Scroll down to "Innehåll/Contents."  Click on one of the letters of the alphabet to see names beginning with that letter: Mansnamn = male names, Kvinnonamn = female names.
Anbytarforum, A Swedish genealogy forum sponsored by The Swedish Federation of Genealogical Societies in which questions and replies are posted.  It is organized according to place, surname, occupation, etc., with each parish having its separate site.  Most of the postings are in Swedish, but questions can also be posted in English, and most people will answer in English.  Instructions for English speakers are given.  Look at the index on the right for the English Instructions link, or access the English page from listed above. 

Cradled in Sweden, by Carl-Erik Johansson. This fine guide to Swedish genealogical research can be purchased at


Regional Genealogy Sites -- Karlskoga, Värmland, Örebro
Forskarkällan i Örebro län contains information about specific parishes and sources that can be found on the Internet.  It is in Swedish, but not difficult for non-Swedish speakers to understand.  To the right are links to individual parishes.
An introduction in English to the Värmland Genealogical Society.
Värmland - gårder och folk contains links to some Värmland databases.  These include various tax records for all of Värmland in 1503, 1540,  1610, 1620, and 1641; marriage indexes for Gillberga and Långserud parishes, and other information about Gillberga härad.  This is in Swedish, but not difficult for non-Swedish speakers to understand.
An introduction to the Karlskoga Heritage Society, a society dedicated to finding and preserving the genealogy and history of Karlskoga parish.  The society is especially interested in finding the descendants of people who emigrated from Karlskoga.  If you have Karlskoga ancestors, get in touch with this fine organization.
My database of Karlskoga tax records from about 1599-1713.  Posted as part of the Örebro site listed above.
A database of early births, marriages, and deaths for Kroppa and Lungsund parishes. In Swedish, but easy for non-Swedish speakers to use.

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