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List of Places of Björndahl Ancestors


Record Changes

Anyone who has worked with genealogy knows that sometimes it is difficult to link a person with the right family. When I started doing Swedish research more than thirty years ago, I had some difficulty reading the language and the old handwriting. In two cases I connected an individual to a family that I now think is not correct.


Stina Persdotter (11), wife of Anders Jansson

In the 1802-1806 husförhörslängd, the birth place for Stina Persdotter was listed as Bjurtjärn, but it was abbreviated, difficult to read, and I could not decipher it. The later husförhörslängder listed Stina’s birth place as Karlskoga and the date as 15 June 1779. There was no Stina Persdotter born in Karlskoga on that date, but there was one born in the same year. Thus, I listed this Stina as the wife of Anders Jansson and traced her ancestry. Many years later I looked at the records again and was able to read the birth place in the 1802 husförhörslängd. I searched the birth records for Bjurtjärn and found a Stina Persdotter born 15 June 1779.  I also found that the witnesses for the births of some children showed a link between families. Thus, I am confident that I now have the right family, and that the earlier one was not correct.


Erik Ersson (26), husband of Kristina (Stina) Olsdotter

The 1769-1774 husförhörslängd for Aggerud lists Erik Ersson, born 1741, his wife Stina, a stepson Erik Olsson, two daughters of Erik, and father Erik Olsson and mother Katarina. However, there is no birth record for an Erik Ersson in Karlskoga in 1741, and no birth record for an Erik, son of Erik Olsson, for any years between 1736 and 1746. There is a birth record for Olof Ersson, the first husband of Stina, that shows that his parents were Erik Olsson and Katarina Jakobsdotter, the ones who were listed in the 1769 husförhörslängd.     

The marriage record for Erik Ersson and Stina shows that Erik came from Bregårdstorp. There is a birth record for an Erik Ersson in Bregårdstorp in1742. However, another Erik Ersson with a birth date of 1740 is found in Bregårdstorp in the 1769 husförhörslängd. He was married to an Annika Ersdotter.

Given this information, I concluded that Erik Ersson was the son of Erik Olsson and Katarina Jakobsdotter, and a brother to Stina’s first husband, and that his birth had been left out of the birth records. I traced Erik’s ancestry following this line.

Many years later, in looking at these records again, I found some additional information. The marriage record for the Erik Ersson who was in Bregårdstorp in 1769 showed that he came from Holmtorp and his wife came from Stråbergsmyran. Their first child was born in Stråbergsmyran, and almost all witnesses for their children came from Stråbergsmyren.

Three witnesses for Erik Ersson’s and Stina’s children came from Bregårdstorp, including Annika Ersdotter, who was a witness for both children, and her husband Jan Eliasson. The 1669 husförhörslängd shows Jan Eliasson and his wife Annika (born 1736) in Bregårdstorp with their children and mother-in-law Kerstin. An Annika Ersdotter is born in Bregårdstorp in 1736, the daughter of Erik Andersson and Kerstin Månsdotter. The birth record for Erik Ersson born in Bregårdstorp in 1742 lists the same parents.

This seems to show conclusively that the Erik Ersson born in Bregårdstorp moved to Aggerud at the time of his marriage, and that the Erik Ersson who was in Bregårdstorp in the 1669 husförhörslängd came from another place. Erik Olsson and Katarina are father and mother of Stina’s first husband Olof Ersson, but not of her second husband.



Possible Problems

The farther back in time one goes, the fewer records are available and thus it becomes more difficult to establish the family links. I have noted in the records for Karlskoga families in the 1600s many links that have only circumstantial evidence to show that these are correct. Here is an additional link that is problematic:

Sven Andersson (56), husband of Maria Hansdotter

The death record for Sven Andersson (19 Mar 1750) lists his age as 58, thus his birth would be about 1692. His marriage record (28 Sep 1721) states that he was a dräng from Gälleråsen, but no Sven Andersson is listed there in the mantalslängder for 1721 or surrounding years, nor is anyone listed who could be his father. (Only heads of households were listed by name.)  There are no Sven Anderssons born in Gälleråsen for the right time period. In fact, the only Sven Andersson born in Karlskoga between 1685 and 1701 was born in Nybole December 26, 1699 It is not known what happened to this Sven Andersson as he does not appear in any of the later records that I have searched.

A Sven Andersson is born in Bresätter, Bjurtjärn, 28 Mar 1694, which is closer to the calculated birthdate of Sven, husband of Maria. This Sven Andersson is mentioned in the court record 31 Aug 1714: "för det lösarf drängen Sven Andersson för sig och sin syster Karin Andersdotter fodrade af sin morbroder Per Swensson i Ulwettren; hwilken deras faders bo emottagit, låfwade nu Per Swensson till dessa sine systerbarn wilja betala och uthgifwa Tiugu fäm daler kmt hwarmed Swen Andersson sade sig förnögd wara." This shows that Sven Andersson was living in 1714, that his parents were dead, and that he had one living sister. (Bjurtjärn birth and death records show that all other syblings died young.) Thus, it is probable that this is the Sven who was a dräng in Gälleråsen at the time of his marriage, as he would have been without family connections. However, even though I have assumed that this is his family and have traced his ancestral line, there is no definite evidence.


Current Research

Daniel Fransson (182)
I have received much information from several researchers concerning the Torbjörn Fransson Ekestubbe family from Nora to which Daniel belongs. I will be adding this information later.

Erik Andersson (88) and his wife Maria Ersdotter (89)
I have received information concerning their ancestors that I will be adding later.

Elias Svensson (32)
Recently I have received information on his father’s family which is more correct and complete than my information. I will be adding this later.

Olof Markusson (230)
I have more information on his family, but it is not complete.

Jon Olsson (380)
Jon Olsson is the son of Olaus Johannis Gestricius (Olof Hansson), the first pastor of Karlskoga. I have more information that I will add later.

Mårten Wikman (18) and his wife Katarina Johansdotter (19) of Kristinehamn.
I have come to a dead-end on this line and would be happy if anyone has any information to share.




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