Hello my name is Demarice Zemke and I live in a small farming community in Idaho...yes the potato state! I drive school bus, have three children, love to sew and make Bag Bunnies in my spare time. My Bunny adventure started three years ago as a way to make extra money for Christmas. Well, as Bunnies do, they reproduced quickly! In the last three years I have sold over 350 Bunnies! In the begining they were just mainly for Christmas gifts, but now they seem to be a popular gift for not only Christmas, but also for Easter, birthdays and wedding gifts. I look forward to making each bunny, since they are all a little bit different from each other, whether it be the color of her dress or head or just in the lace that trims her dress. Each bunny has hand embroidered facial features and she is also completely machine washable. So please take time to look at my bunnies and since they seem to reproduce quickly, maybe you could also adopt one of these adorable and useful bunnies as a gift for yourself or someone special in your life for any occasion. Please pass my web page on to all your family and friends. Thank you for visiting my bunny farm!

These are just examples of some of the bunnies. Will make color of your choice. E-mail me with any questions or comments.

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