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Local Idaho History Books For Sale:
by Kathleen Hedberg, PhD

 Cassia County Idaho: The Foundation Years

  A Flood Cannot Happen Here
The Story of Lower Goose Creek Reservoir, Oakley, Idaho, 1984
Book of the Year, 1993

For sale as a fundraiser from Friends of the Burley Public Library



  Hardcover, 8 1/2 X 11 inches
  256 pages, over 200 photos
  including 16 pages of color
published 2005

  Price: $30 plus S&H

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The history of Cassia County is the history of the real West--of "cowboys and Indians" and gun fights, but also the history of cooperation needed to build an economy based on irrigation.  Focusing on how Cassia County came to be what it is today, author Kathleen Hedberg describes 120 years of Cassia County's history from the days of the covered wagons through the digging of the deep wells in the mid-twentieth century.

Although written for adults, this book could easily be adapted for use in fourth grade Idaho history classes.  It includes a large section on pioneer travel since the Oregon Trail, the California Trail, and major cutoffs all came through Cassia County.  The personal accounts include one about a nine-year-old boy who worked as a stage coach assistant.


  Softcover, 6 X 9 inches
  304 pages
  over 100 photos
published 1993

  Price: $15 plus S&H

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Idaho Library Association Book of the Year Award, 1993

In 1984 the residents of Cassia County in southcentral Idaho faced the possibility of disastrous flooding from the overflow of Lower Goose Creek Reservoir.  How they responded to this potential flood that could have devastated the city of Burley is the story of this book.

"Written from personal interviews and first-hand accounts, this is a complete and accurate account of one of the great crises in the history of Idaho.  Well-written and full of human drama, this is the story of an event that was almost as crucial for the people of southcentral Idaho as the failure of the Teton Dam was for southeastern Idaho." ---Leonard Arrington

"A riveting document!  It should be required reading for all emergency response agencies!"
     ---Robert Woody


Author Kathleen Hedberg grew up in Cassia County, graduated from Burley High School, and has lived in Burley for the past twenty-five years.  She has a PhD in history from Brigham Young University and an MS from Indiana University.  She was co-author of a high school world history textbook, and has taught college classes in local history.  Friends of the Burley Public Library is a volunteer organization whose mission is to support the Burley Public Library through fundraising and other activities. The sale of these two books is part of  that fundraising effort.


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A Flood Cannot Happen Here

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