7th Annual Night Raid

Presented by the

Desert sky Regulators

Aug 6TH, Aug 7TH

Main matches on Saturday and Sunday

5 on Friday---------------5 on Saturday

Side shoots after the Main Match on Friday

Registration 8-9 am shooting begins at 10:00 am

Dinner on Friday night is $8.00 per plate. Please RSVP by Aug 2nd .

Free limited dry camping at site

Raffles and prizes!!




E-mail address_________________________________________

$40-Fri&Sat if you pre-register or $45.00 at the meet..______________$20—Fri or Sat only_______

Friday side shoots are included in match fee.

Junior shooter—free----Junior shooters and Non-shooters Sat. meal -$8____Enclosed $_____

List category in which you want to shoot____________________________________________

Make checks payable to Desert Sky Regulators & Send to Desert Sky Regulators

Registration dead line Aug 2nd.

I understand that I am participating in a sport, which certain dangers and risk may arise, including but not limited to accidental injury,

the forces of nature and illness. In consideration of the right to participate in this event and the services provided by the Desert Sky

Regulators and it’s agents. I have and do hereby assume the risk associated with such an event. I, the contestant, shall, at my own expense

defend management and or all sponsors, their members or employees from any and all such claims and indemnify from any and all

liability damage and costs arising from injuries to person or property occasioned by any act or omission by me the contestant.


Signature of Contestant or in case of a minor, parent or guardian signature.

Mail to Judy Kimber, 14 south 950 West, Paul, ID 83347.

or email to junebug@pmt.org

For more information contact: Ed {Col. Birdwell Hawkins} Smith--- (208) 878-4570 or

Judy (Spinning Guns) Kimber-------- (208) 438-8313