The Story of Vivien's Quilt
I, too, have a little story about a quilt I made.  I met a little old gentleman at a Bingo one night.  He was sitting outside in his wheelchair  It was about -15 degrees outside and he just had little slipper type shoes and a very light coat.  Everyone was leaving but paid no attention to this man.  I went up to him and asked him why he was sitting out here all alone.  He told me he was waiting for a taxi but it had not arrived.  I went in and phoned the taxi company and informed him of what had happened.  Well they finally showed up and took him back to his place of residence, the lodge.  I saw him several times after this and he wanted to sit with me at the bingo.  I might add that he was in his late eighties.   We became very dear friends and I started callling him "Gramps".  I told him I was his adopted daughter and he laughed and laughed (as he already had 7 children).  I felt a very special bond with him so for Christmas one year I made him a quillow with a deer on it.  I brought it to him at the lodge.  He opened it up and started to cry.  He said he had never had anything made for him before.  He caressed that quillow and placed it on his bed where it sits to this day.  He will turn 100 years young on April 8, 2004.  What I thought was just a small gesture made tears come to the eyes of a gentleman who had seen more in life than I probably will ever see.  What a great feeling.

- contributed by Vivien 

The stories behind quilts are so special.  If you would like to share your story, please drop me a line  Deb

Last updated January 18, 2004.